mackenzie regional radio club
Mackenzie Regional Internet Radio Linking Project Node Information
Node Number: 1450

Node Callsign: VA6SHS

Node Frequency: 146.82 Mhz -600 kHz

Node Location: Grimshaw Public Library

Node Hardware: P750 768megs ram 18 Gig hard drive Linksys 10/100 NIC Motorola MVS vhf radio 35 watts Single Di-pole antenna at 55 ft above ground TelusPlanet ADSL connection

     This node is open to any and all amateur radio operators.
Please read through the IRLP operating guidelines prior to using the system.

Additional features on this Node

Basic use of node

This node has a preaccess tone of 9

Select another node to call.

Key up your radio identify who you are and where you are calling. E.g. "This is VE6SAR bringing up node 1460" then dial the node number "91460" and unkey. The node's location also works in place of the node number.

To bring down the link key up your radio and identify that you are bringing the link down then dial "73""

Mackenzie Highway
IRLP node details
Other Features on IRLP Node 1450

Wednesday nights Starting at 20:00 local time the Amateur Radio Newsline and then the ARRL News will be played at 20:30 on the node.

Here are some special features that have been added to this node

Disconnect     73
Play Call Waiting info     69
Long Info     123
Call a Random Node     000
Call a Random Reflector     001
Play Local Time     AA
Play UTC Time     AAA
Play ARRL News     A1
Play Amateur Radio News     A2
Call Counter     A3
IRLP Example audio     A4
Play Last Node that Called     A5
Play Remote node Time     A6+Node Number
Peace River Weather     B1
Grande Prairie Weather     B2
High Level Weather     B3
Slave Lake Weather     B4
Dawson Creek Weather     B5
Edmonton Weather     B6
Red Deer Weather     B7
Calgary Weather     B8

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